Workouts For Judo: A Complete Review Of Judo Techniques & Judo Fitness Training Regimens That Help To Improve Your Level Of Competition

Why Workouts For Judo is so EffectiveJudo Throws Review

Judokas who wish to become elite in Judo must utilize the principle of specificity while training for Judo competitions.

The physical demands that Judo training can place on the mind and body can at times become challenging.

But, be that as it may, the challenge of the Judo sport must not impede the passion, desire, and pure will of the Judoka to prepare to be at best when it is time to compete and takedown an opponent…

…Matt D’Aquino, a 2008 Summer Olympian has created a Judo workout program which targets areas of the body needed to enhance the performance of the Judoka.

What Results Can You Expect To Receive From Workouts For Judo

  • Increased Overall Fitness & ConditioningJudo Takedown
  • The Ability to Fight Harder For Longer Spans of Time
  • Increased Strength & Generated Power Needed To Initiate Throws, Takedowns, Thrust, and Strikes
  • Improved Equilibrium and Coordination For Performing Judo Moves
  • Increased Agility Which Will Make It Harder For Your Opponent To Throw You
  • Learn How To Train Like A World Class Judoka In Your Very Own Dojo or Home
  • Learn 35 New Ways To Strengthen Your Grip
  • Increase Strength To The Shoulder Area To Prevent Injury
  • Video Demonstrations of Workouts For Judo & Advanced Judo Techniques Is Included
  • 4 FREE Bonus Items Also Included With Original Purchase of Workouts For Judo

What If I’m Not Satisfied With Workout For JudoJudo Sport

Not A Problem!

If You’re Not Satisfied With Workouts For Judo, We Will Refund Your Money With Our 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee!




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“I have used Matt as my fitness and grappling coach for every single one of my Judo competitions and MMA fights…

..His workouts are brutally tough but they have also helped me be the most prepared when going in to fight..

..Thanks to Matt and his workouts I never have to worry about being unfit for Judo, because each one of his training sessions as specific to Judo so every time I train, I feel like I am doing rounds of Randori.”

Duke Didier, US Open Medallist, Pro MMA Fighter


“I have been training with Matt D’Aquino for over 12 years now and I have always been impressed at his fitness and conditioning…

…I know that Workouts for Judo contains the workouts that he used to get fit for the Olympic Games and I know it is going to help you as well.”

Ivo Dos Santos, 2012 Olympian, 6 X Continental Champion